The Grand Council is the ‘executive’ body of the Grand Lodge of Maryland. It exercises the executive powers of the Grand Lodge when the Grand Lodge is not in convention assembled.

The Grand Council shall be elected at the Biennial Grand Convention and its term of office for each office is two (2) years and until their successors are duty elected and qualified.

The Grand Council consists of the following officers:
President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Third Vice President, Orator, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Immediate Past President and Trustees. All ‘past’ State Presidents in good standing and all Local Lodge Presidents in good standing are also part of the Grand Council.

The State Cabinet is composed of ALL Local Lodge Presidents. Their purpose is to consider, discuss and make recommendations to the Grand Council on any programs or problems which the State President, Grand Council or State Cabinet, on its own motion, may present to said cabinet for consideration and recommendation. The State Cabinet consists of: Executive Committee, all Local Lodge Presidents in good standing.

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GRAND COUNCIL OFFICERS as of June 24, 2023
Anita Lombardi-RiIey – State President

Mike Castino – 1st Vice President

Louis Marzullo – 2nd Vice President

Rosalie Ranieri – 3rd Vice-President

Frances Cipriotti – Immediate Past President

State Trustees
Arline Panaggio
Mike Petrecca
Carol Rossi Conn
Jo Saunders
Imelda Liberatore
Kim Scolaro
Nancy Barbieri Wolfe

National Trustee
Vince Zaccaria

Commission for Social Justice
Frances Cipriotti, Chairman

Michael Transparenti – Orator

Susann Palamara – Financial Secretary

Fran Transparenti – Treasurer

Albert Marra – Recording Secretary

Fr. Andrew DeFusco – Chaplain

Past Presidents
Edward Angeletti
Frances Cipriotti
Daniel Longo
Frank Panessa
Anita Lombardi-Riley
Vincent Zaccaria

Nat’l Delegates

Lou Marzullo
Mike Transparenti
Kevin Lasko

Arbitration Committee
John Barbo
Natalie Amato
Carol Ciazzo
Kim Scolaro
Sara Guay Taylor