What is OSIA?
OSIA is for people of any gender, age, religion and profession. You don’t even have to be Italian to join! Whether you are ofltalian heritage or simply have a love for things Italian, OSIA welcomes you as a member.
What is the official name of the Order Sons of Italy in America?

The name Order Sons of Italy in America® is a translation of the original name, L’Ordine Figli d’Italia. In Italian, figli means both children and sons. We keep this name today for historic reasons and for name recognition. To represent a more inclusive representation of our organization, we have modified our name to:
Order Sons of Italy in America
D.B.A. Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America

What does it mean to be a member of the Order Sons of Italy in America?

Membership in OSIA can be a personally rewarding experience, for it allows both women and men an exploration of one’s leadership abilities and ethnic enhancement. Founded in 1905, the OSIA is considered by many to be the premier community grassroots organization. Local lodges sponsor activities, which relate to the communities in which they are located. Now, more than 110 years later, OSIA finds itself with generations of Americans of Italian descent, the grandchildren and great grandchildren of immigrants, many of whom want to hold membership in an organization firm in family values and cultural heritage.

Regardless of your type of membership, be assured that OSIA is one, one in purpose, goal and direction, all of which provides personal satisfaction in participating in a social and fraternal way in one multi-faceted and, oftentimes, complex society. OSIA has proven it is an organization of the times from generation to generation for more than 110 years.

Are women allowed to be members of the Order Sons of Italy in America?

Yes! Membership is non gender specific. All are welcome. Many women have risen to the rank of State President and National President in addition to many elected positions on a State and National level.

How do I contribute to or establish a scholarship?

To contribute to the Grand Lodge of Maryland General Scholarship Fund, mail a check payable to the Grand Lodge of Maryland Foundation and earmarked “General Scholarship Fund” to:

Grand Lodge of Maryland Foundation
Attention Scholarships
P.O. Box 85
Perry Hall, MD 21128

To establish a scholarship, please email our Grand Lodge Secretary Loretta Butta at GrandLodgeMD@Gmail.com or call (410) 668-6742 or (410) 529-5016.

Can I attend Events without being a member?

Absolutely yes! Everyone is welcome at our events.

Do I need to be Italian to join?

No, those people who are not Italian or of Italian decent are most welcome in our organization. They are classified as “Social Members”. They enjoy all the benefits of “Regular Members”; however, they do not hold an elected office.